Apartment Building Linzer StraSSe

Apartmenthaus Linzer straße Außensansicht

Apartmenthaus Linzer straße Außensansicht

Apartmenthaus Linzer Straße Ausstattung

Apartmenthaus Linzer Straße Ausstattung

Apartmenthaus Linzer Straße Grundriss

Apartmenthaus Linzer Straße Grundriss



Sizes:17 m² to 41 m²
Monthly costs:
€ 320.00 to 650.00 (incl. operating costs, heating, hot water, electricity, VAT)
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Alexandra MATULA
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Jennifer HALLER
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Philipp PARZER

Just a few steps to your apartment for a maximum of 2 people

Documents that you require for a viewing or to conclude a contract:

  • Official photo ID (passport or ID card that is valid for at least another six months)
  • Residence permit in the case of non-EU citizens
  • Registration confirmation from an Austrian authority or confirmation from the home country (not older than one month)
  • Confirmation of employment or written employment guarantee from a Vienna company (not older than one week) with the following information:
    • Name of the company according to the companies register
    • Address according to the companies register
    • Companies register and VAT ID number
    • Type of employment
    • Start and duration of the employment
    • Income gross AND net
    • Salary statements of the last six months
    • Confirmation of a valid employment permit in the case of non-EU citizens
  • Insurance data printout from an Austrian health insurance company indicating the registration by the company issuing the confirmation of employment
  • Confirmation of enrolment or continuation of a degree course in Vienna (not older than one week)

If no own income or only a low income is proven, a viewing or the conclusion of a contract is only possible with the involvement of a guarantor (proof cf. above) or the depositing of an additional security.

The advice team looks forward to hearing from you
beratung@mein-wien-apartment.at; phone: 01 79504 710

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1-2 rooms, entrance hall, kitchen corner, toilette/shower, completely furnished

Financial contribution/
€ 2,500.00
Address:1140 Vienna,Linzer Straße 466


Apartment Building Linzer Straße

Linzer Straße 466. 1140 Wien
This building is owned by the MIGRA Gemeinnützige Wohnungsges.m.b.H., managed by Mein Wien-Apartment.